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summer lovin’

  • night market @ the queen vic (bottomless sangria and heaps of cuisine)
  • moonlight cinema at the botanical gardens
  • australian tennis open (my no. 1 inspiration to get into shape every year)
  • lying in a starfish position on my ceramic tiles to keep extra cool
  • stocking up on magnums, cornettos and frosty fruits from the store and then racing home before they melt
  • the sound of crickets as i fall asleep
  • gusty but cool winds on particularly hot days
  • star-gazing
  • men with firm pecs
  • when christmas shopping turns into the gauntlet and suddenly everyone’s the gladiator of gift buying
  • finding a car parking spot when it’s 40 degrees on a weekend in chaddy in december - shit getting real and ppl taking life way too seriously
  • everyone being air-conditioning fiends at the shopping centre
  • getting myself tangled in that massive tin foil shield thingamabob you put against your car windshield in lame attempt to keep the car cool when parked
  • burning my hands on the steering wheel anyway
  • walks along the beach during sunset
  • pretty dresses, funky tees, no-fuss flip-flops
  • bright coloured nail polish
  • music festivals at the sidney myer
  • carols by candlelight… on tv
  • awkward family gatherings tempered by the sights and smells of food and karaoke
  • sabrina the teenage witch and will and grace in prime time
  • longer days = longer days off
  • 'cause it's the holiday season, hearing from ppl you care about but have lost touch with for a while, knowing they're getting by alright
  • thunderstorms - mother nature’s overcompensation for the heat, nice nonetheless
  • spontaneous trips to the beach
  • that feeling of actually wanting to hit town to make the most of beautiful nights (as opposed to winter nights where 99% of the time it’s like cbf too cold)
  • the smell of freshly cut grass in the sun
  • beer gardens
  • reflecting on the year that was, hopefulness about the year ahead
  • sunnies actually serving their practical purpose, minus that air of being an uppity douche
  • barbecue and booze with buds along the birrarung marr
  • smelling the neighbours cooking spanish food
  • b.o awareness season
  • the massive bonding sesh that is the summer season - water fights, games in the park, ppl basking in the sunlight, everyone sharing the airconditioner (as opposed to the winter cold where everyone’s got the whole layered up, hogging the heater, fend for yo own damn self, cbf communicating with human life thing going on)
  • time out
@ Queen Victoria Market
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I miss summer already :(

(via makeblognotwar)

I miss summer already :(